How Invisalign Gains Edge Over Other Restorative Dentistry for Good Smile in Bronx, NY?

Invisalign is certainly better and faster than traditional braces and its ultimate outcome can be life-changing. It has proven to be a great orthodontist choice for adults with a crooked smile and globally accredited for aligning your teeth perfectly. Though other restorative procedures have their own significance and we are not denying their existence, but compared to traditional metal braces, Invisalign certainly has a far better advantage.

At New York Dental Health P.C, we specialize in a broad range of restorative dentistry in Bronx, NY and have committed towards the best in class dental care. For an impeccable solution, our Invisalign dentist Bronx utilizes cutting-edge imaging technology and with a well-thought consideration, we make sure you get the best quality work.

The reasons Invisalign gaining an edge over other restorative dentistry for hale & healthy smile are:

#1 Invisalign Is The Next Step Towards Metal Braces, And A Reliable One Too. Invisalign is the modern approach for straightening and correcting teeth. Our doctors use the latest imaging technology to construct custom-made aligners and they are created particularly for the wearer. These aligners are made of smooth plastic and worn over the teeth. They are ergonomically designed to position gently and steadily shift the teeth into place.

#2 Invisalign Are Highly Comfortable. Compared to the wires and metal brackets, Invisalign is a smooth and highly comfortable aligner. Since they are made of strong transparent plastic, they are also invisible and impossible to see. In addition to these, you won’t have to deal with wires poking which causes irritation or cuts into your mouth.

#3 Invisalign Don’t Have Any Eating Restriction. The traditional brace technique restricts your ability to chew food and one has to be extremely careful about hard or chewy because it can damage wires or brackets. This is not the case with Invisalign. Our Invisalign restorative dentistry in Bronx, NY doesn’t restrict you from enjoying your favorite meal and can be taken out anytime for cleaning purposes.

Invisalign treatment is different yet extremely promising for a good smile. Besides, if it can save you from eating restriction, discomfort or number of times you visit a dentist, then why wouldn’t you consider it? To gain a full-fledged understanding of Invisalign restorative dentistry in Bronx, NY, do stop by at