Hate Metal Braces? Try Invisalign Cosmetic Dentistry in Bronx, New York

Invisalign is one of the most promising dentistry for repositioning the misaligned teeth and is becoming a cutting edge alternative to traditional metal braces. Even though both procedures aim to provide you with the same result, Invisalign gains an edge due to its straightforward process where transparent plastic trays are fixed over your crooked teeth to gain a perfect smile. These plastic aligners are built using 3DHate Metal Braces? Try Invisalign Cosmetic Dentistry in Bronx, New York Imaging Technology. Our cosmetic dentist in New York evaluates your dental problems in detail and then begins to design an aligner specifically for your mouth.

The unique facet of Invisalign cosmetic dentistry lies in its convenience and comfort. Since aligners are designed in a way to gently & gradually move teeth into their proper position, it can be fitted without any unsightly brackets & wires. Thus, making them virtually invisible.  Another great benefit of Invisalign over traditional metal braces is that it can be easily detached. You can take your aligner out for brushing & flossing and can easily maintain optimal oral hygiene.


NY DENTAL HEALTH PC is a ‘One Brand Broadly Trusted’ for impeccable cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry in Bronx, New York. Since our center is being managed by a team of elite dentists and uses state of the art technology, as a patient, you won’t be disappointed with optimal care & end result. Some of the factors that clearly state NY DENTAL HEALTH PC a reliable center for Invisalign are:

  • Advanced 3D Digital Scanning for best-fitting aligners and faster treatments.
  • Full Fledged cosmetic and restorative dentistry under one roof.
  • NY Dental Health PC ensures personalized dental cate for qualifying patients.
  • Catered Invisalign to countless patients with high success ratio.
  • Highly competitive pricing.

If you are looking for a reliable cosmetic dentist in Bronx, New York to address minor misalignment and cosmetic issues, do stop by at http://nydentalhealthpc.com.